29 Amazing Resources to Create a New You on LinkedIn

There’s a lot of LinkedIn static out there. Static noise. You know what I mean. You browse people’s profiles and they all look the same. They’re boring, read and look the same. You’re looking for something or someone remarkable but you can’t find them.

One of the top questions I’m asked by customers is “How do I make a LinkedIn profile that attracts people?” My response is always… don’t be part of the LinkedIn static. If you’re looking to perform social marketing or selling on LinkedIn and your profile is bland and boring then you’re wasting your valuable time.

You’re wasting so much opportunity since almost everyone you could do business with or network with is on the platform. After you launch your amazing new profile everyone will want to connect with you.

Let all of your skills, accomplishments and characteristics shine! Establish your online identity or brand, and use the social network as a platform you can establish a reputation with.

LinkedIn is awash with blandness. Very few people’s profile shine. Take 10 minutes a day to create a new profile that will attract people so you can grow your network and your business.

Here are the very best resources I know that you can use to make an amazing profile that will astonish your network. Create a new you!

#1 – Build Your LinkedIn Profile From Start to Finish With This Massive Visual Guide

LinkedIn has changed the way resumes are created and read. Today, an online version of a resume is just as mandatory for job seekers as a profile on LinkedIn is. Kristin Wong and Lifehacker have created the infographic that will step you all the essentials of a perfect LinkedIn profile.

#2 – 18 Tips to Create Your Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Carly Okyle and Entrepreneur.com tell us that it takes 20 LinkedIn posts each month to reach 60 percent of your audience, yet only 40 percent of people on the network use the site daily. Check out plenty of other helpful tips — including the best time to post and the importance of a profile picture in this infographic.

#3 – How to Generate Leads with a LinkedIn Profile That Rocks

If you want successful results, don’t kid yourself.  Review your LinkedIn profile to determine what needs tweaking, which Mark Amtower will show you how to do.

#4 – 12 Resources to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

You’ll need to do various things to your LinkedIn profile in order to separate it from others in your field. A professional photo is essential. Always use your full name and add as much information about your experience as possible.

#5 – 10 LinkedIn Tips to Promote Your Sales Profile

As a sales pro you’ve been looking for ways to add value to your prospects. Look no further. Here are 10 Tips to help you maximize your sales profile.

#6 – 8 Ways to Create a Captivating LinkedIn Profile

Many profiles on LinkedIn feature nothing but text, which is far from eye-catching. Your profile will stand out if it’s visual. Known as a “Professional Profile”, this LinkedIn component lets you showcase photos, presentations, links, videos, PDFs and more. Use it to your advantage and display your body of work for others to see!

#7 – Official LinkedIn Profile Tips (Video)

Short and sweet official LinkedIn video on YouTube about how to take a good “homemade” photo for your LinkedIn profile.

#8 – 7 LinkedIn Profile Photo Tricks to Take a Good Selfie

Great tips to save a couple of hundred bucks by taking a selfie to use as your LinkedIn profile photo. I still think it’s better to have a pro take your photo. But if funds are tight this is a good free option.

#9 – Making the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile: From a New Account to a Platform of Success

#10 – 22 LinkedIn Secrets Their Staff Won’t Tell You

Your profile on LinkedIn can be a powerful branding tool. These often-overlooked and seemingly nonsensical suggestions offer productive outcomes that require minimal effort.

#11 – 7 LinkedIn Tips and Tricks That Were Effective in 2016

Anyone you request to connect with will first check out your profile. They’ll make judgments on how it reads and looks. A profile that stands out will build an abundance of valuable connections. Don’t be part of the LinkedIn static.

#12 – 8 Ways to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Follow these LinkedIn tips make your profile seen by many, and use it to land the job of your dreams.

#13 – 5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Check out these hacks to make your LinkedIn profile easily found by many and shared with people relevant to your industry.

#14 – 11 Ways to Create an Epic LinkedIn Profile

Employees, investors, customers and peers will all be getting their first impression of you from your profile on LinkedIn.

#15 – 9 LinkedIn Tips to Use When Making a Powerful Profile

LinkedIn can be a huge asset for people with interests in competitive analysis, business development, professional networking, and research.

#16 – 5 Approaches to Develop a Robust Company LinkedIn Identity

LinkedIn has turned into quite a powerful platform for articles. All kinds of content can be read or watched, but anything that gets published on the social network needs a strategy to get it seen by your target demographic. Consider these LinkedIn tips to get your company page noticed.

#17 – 17 Steps to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

A profile that showcases your experiences and skills can help isolate you from the competition, and as such, make your target audience see you high above the rest.

#18 – LinkedIn: Developing an Alluring Profile for Prospects

A creative approach to finding keywords that others are using on LinkedIn is to search their profiles. Enter your keyword into LinkedIn’s search field. This will produce relevant results. Check out the skills sections in the profiles that show up. You’ll find plenty of relevant terms that make for valuable keywords.

#19 – How to Make an Attractive Profile on LinkedIn

Whether you’re in search of a new job, looking for opportunities to develop your career, or establishing brand awareness for your company, you’re going to need a LinkedIn profile to do it successfully.

#20 – Turning Your LinkedIn Profile Into an Attraction for Potential Partners

Consider using these methods to beefing-up your profile in order to attract investors and partners.

#21 – The 31 Greatest LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

Need a new job? We have gathered all you need to know about enhancing your LinkedIn profile. Learn how to craft a dazzling summary, boast about your accomplishments, brag about projects, and showcase your skills, all on one platform. Keep reading to learn methods the experts use to make profiles stand out.

#22 – 5 Greatest Tactics to Build an Effective LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Seen by Potential Clients

60% of potential customers and clients are more than likely going to check out your social media profile before attempting to contact you. If you’re an individual, the social network they’ll probably check out first is the one you have on LinkedIn.

#23 – How to Craft an Amazing LinkedIn Profile

This guide will provide you with all you need to build an effective LinkedIn profile. With it, you can make memorable first impressions with potential employers and recruiters alike, while developing your professional brand and expanding your network in the process.

#24 – A Few Approaches to Making Your LinkedIn Profile Shine Bright

LinkedIn might have begun as a platform for recruiters, but it has since turned into one of the most-used social networks for anyone looking to expand their careers and prospects. LinkedIn is more than just an online resume – it is a hub of news that can be customized for specific industries, as well as other features that make users spend a substantial amount of time sifting through.

#25 – 5 Tricks to Making Your LinkedIn Profile More Mature

With its emphasis on business-related engagement, LinkedIn content tends to be more career-centric than content posted and shared on Twitter, Facebook, and other fun-centric social networks.

#26 – 17 Essentials for LinkedIn Profiles

Whether you want to or not, integrating social media – specifically LinkedIn – with your job search is a must. There are several rules to follow when you do so.

#27 – 7 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Profile is Terrible

Jason Miller lists seven different ways your profile is a mess, and explains what you can do to make it less so.

#28 – Why It Pays to Look Likable in Your LinkedIn Photo (And How to Do It)

Don’t underrate the importance of looking likable on LinkedIn (i.e. friendly and kind, like you would be enjoyable to work with). Most people think that appearing smart and capable is all that matters. But it’s not.

#29 – What You’re Doing Wrong on LinkedIn

Ever wonder what you can do to make your LinkedIn profile better? Connie Chan Wang provides some strategic advice on what you can do to make your LinkedIn profile the opposite of what it is right now.

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If you’re in Sales then get with the times and learn social selling. However, when you do the key is not to suck at it.


Ronan Keane

Ronan Keane is an award-winning marketing and demand generation leader with 16 years’ experience. His expertise is in complete B2B marketing strategy and demand generation for increased bottom-line revenue and cost efficiencies. Ronan has worked with SMBs and Fortune 100 and household brands like Nike, Black and Decker, Renault and Popular Science Magazine. Ronan is a Forrester Groundswell winner and LinkedIn Sales Blog contributor. Ronan has taught thousands of marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and sales professionals how to use SEO, LinkedIn, Facebook, Social Selling and Digital Marketing techniques to grow their customer base.