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Find out now if your email and password are for sale on the Dark Web

There’s a big chance that you or your employees’ company email addresses and passwords have been stolen and are for sale on the Dark Web.

As reported in Verizon's 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, there's a high likelihood that your personal or business email credentials are being sold on the Dark Web.

Use ScoutCloud to see if your business or personal email and password have been stolen and are sitting wide open on the Dark Web. 

Every second you wait could cost you thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraud recovery expenses. 

Take swift preventative action! 

Follow these 3 steps now: 


Step #1 

Enter your name and an email address in ScoutCloud 


Step #2 

Wait X hours to get your report 


Step #3 

Starting now, we will alert you for free if your email address shows up in a data breach. To monitor more emails or an entire domain, please check out one of our business plans. 

Why Account Takeover (ATO) Prevention?

Account takeover attacks (ATO) are on the rise. What’s worse, most breaches (78%) result in phishing attacks within companies. That's according to a 2018 Barracuda report.  

Alarmingly, 10 new account takeover attempts are being launched every second. Criminals use automated bot attacks. And it’s paying off.  

According to Javelin, account takeover attacks in the U.S. netted more than $5.1 billion in 2017. That’s a 120% increase in one year.  

It’s now easy for amateur cybercriminals to steal your email address and password. Once your email credentials have been hacked they typically stay on the Dark Web anywhere from months to a few years.  

All they need is Internet access, a little crypto currency to buy the tool to steal your credentials and that’s it!  

Has someone stolen your email and password? You might lose valuable personal or company data. 


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Loss of Data, Trust and Customers

There’s too much at stake to wait. Theft of company data like financial, IT, and especially employee and customer data could be devastating to your business.  

Companies like Yahoo, Under Armor, Uber and Fitbit have paid the price of account takeover (ATO). They’ve lost millions of dollars in revenue and customer and employee data. Their reputation has been tarnished too.  

But these companies were spending millions of dollars on cybersecurity. And they were still hacked. 

There’s little to no defense in place for many for small and medium-sized businesses.  

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It Won’t Happen to Us

Too many business owners, presidents and CEOs have said “it won’t happen to us.” 

But then they discover an employee used the same password for the business email as their personal email.  

Cybercriminals then accessed the business email account and sent a devastating company-wide phishing attack email. It cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

An additional cost was significant time wasted by support teams dealing with upset customers and operations teams dealing with the legal and logistical fallout. 

6 Essential Reasons Why You Need ScoutCloud 


We're your automated early warning system.

ScoutCloud is an industry leader at discovering exposed credentials in the underground. That’s why organizations from around the world turn to us when they want to build or enhance their product offering with the most extensive collection of exposed data being traded on the dark web.

  • 1
    Best Early Detection: ScoutCloud offers the best early detection solution on the market. We gather data months and even years earlier than other security solutions. Users can be proactive vs. reactive to prevent ATO altogether. 
  • 2
    Proactive Prevention: ScoutCloud goes beyond other security solutions to enable your company to be proactive in stopping ATO before it happens.  Immediately after an exposed credential matches a credential of an employee or customer, you can force an automatic password reset to prevent an account breach. 
  • 3
    Beat the Criminals: When compromised credentials are discovered earlier in the account takeover lifecycle, companies can take action before criminals use the credentials in stuffing attacks to gain access into your company. 
  • 4
    Automatic Password Reset: ScoutCloud automatically prevents account takeovers by alerting the security or fraud team when an employee or company asset has been compromised. When a user’s email and password combination matches a previous exposure in our database, your system can reset their password proactively, thereby averting a successful ATO attack. 
  • 5
    Active Directory: The tool automatically compares new stolen credentials to your active employees and forces a password reset when the passwords have been compromised. ScoutCloud’s Active Directory (AD) tool runs continuously based on your schedule. The tool automatically compares new stolen credentials to your active employees and forces a password reset when the passwords have been compromised.  This tool is an exact match technology, eliminating false positives and help desk calls. 
  • 6
    No More Worry: Significantly reduce the need to ever have to deal with all the major headaches of a data breach.  

Check to See If You're at Risk.

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