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SocialPro is for Sales Professionals Who Want the Best Tools and Techniques to Close More Deals and Exceed Quota!

Enjoy one hour of social selling training with these six free social selling videos that will teach you new prospecting tips, techniques and tools to help close more deals.
An Easy Technique to Finding Good Leads on LinkedIn.

Duration: 10m 23s 

Use this simple method to find the right kind of leads on LinkedIn using Groups and Advanced Search. 

Top Tools for Prospecting and Lead Generation.

Duration: 4m 55s 

Here are just a few online tools that will help you streamline your prospecting and lead gen efforts for more success.

Find and Engage Your Prospects on Twitter...the Easy Way! (Part 1)

Duration: 9m 13s 

Find your prospects on Twitter the easy way. Discover how to find your LinkedIn and other prospects using this simple technique that you can use now! 

Give Your Prospects What They Want...Information.

Duration: 12m 48s 

C-level execs and decision makers want insights and information more than anything! Discover how you can easily give them what they want...information. 

Generate Hundreds of Leads on Autopilot with LinkedIn (This is not hype!).

Duration: 9m 55s 

This is the most underutilized method for generating qualified leads on autopilot with little effort by you. 

Find and Engage Your Prospects on Twitter...the Easy Way! (Part 2)

Duration: 9m 28s 

Use Likes, Mentions and Retweets to warm up relationships and increase trust with prospects on Twitter. It's easy!

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